Singer + Choreographer + Creative Director

Yuki Shundo

Who is Yuki ?

Yuki Shundo is a new alt-pop artist with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a dancer, choreographer and creative director. 

She was borned and raised in Japan. As a teenager, although it was not as popular at the time, she liked listening to US music and watching their live shows and music videos. Even in those early days she was inspired by dancing and singing in front of the TV. She even got an opportunity to join singers and actors school.

But instead she moved to Los Angeles. That was the beginning of everything. 

Being at 18 in LA, she trained everyday at major dance studios such as Edge, Debbie Reynolds, and Millennium Dance Complex. After years of study and meeting choreographers, she started to get opportunities as a dancer, performer, and assistant for choreographers. 

While she was assisting choreographers, her creativity kicked in, and began choreographing her own work and getting good feedback. 

And that’s when she got her first gig as a choreographer and even got hired to teach at the renowned IDA Hollywood studio.

She has worked as a performer with stars such as Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, and RAY J, appeared on the BET 106, the TV show Park, and numerous live shows. 

In addition, she has choreographed the performance shows for Sanrio, CAA, UTB TV, Carnival choreographer’s ball, IDA Hollywood and more. 

With her name also growing in Japan, not only has she appeared in a commercial for Tokyo Buono, but she also stepped into another role as a creative director, and worked for commercials like Doutor Coffee and Water Company Melodian.

As a choreographer and creative director for an idol group, Yuki won the “Best Performance” Award in Taiwan. 

Live events are flowing in her blood, she has directed and choreographed for countless events across the world.

Working closely with Multi-Platinum Iranian Star “Andranik Madadian” and “Shani”, Yuki created the concept and choreographed their show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

As her creativity and art expanded into the realm of music, she added another arrow to her quiver as a singer / songwriter.

When dancing and choreographing, she not only pays attention to the rhythm but also to the emotion and the story behind the song. Yuki is one of those unique people, who can imagine everything in her head.

When she sits on the side of the stage, she’s not resting, she’s creating, refining and envisioning the whole choreography and show.. 

 Now that she writes songs, you can imagine her creative process hasn’t changed. 

Dance is her roots, music is her life and passion.

The programs by Yuki are happening several times a year. 


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